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Thread: netstat question...

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    netstat question...

    I don't know what happened (I was deleting TEMP files so maybe I deleted netstat) but netstat isn't on my computer anymore. Anybody know how I can get it back? Thanks.

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    Go here this is a newer version and has realtime updating. Or find a computer that still has it installed and copy it on disk then put it back on your system
    Hope that helped
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    Getting Back Netstat

    Try extracting a new copy from the Windows Cab Files.

    According to this M$ Article:

    Netstat is located in (on the Win98 CD)
    Use the Extract Command in DOS (For help type "Extract /?")
    to extract the file.


    In theory you could remove TCP/IP from Network Neighborhood , reboot and then reinstall TCP/ theory that should also restore Netstat.

    Good Luck, Hope this has helped!
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    Alright, I just asked my girlfriend to email me a copy of her netstat application. So far it's working like normal.

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    Be sure to match it with the OS, just for "Murphy's Law" sake

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