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Thread: Hacker Ethics

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    Cool Hacker Ethics

    I found this article that I believe in. Its not my writing so I am not trying to say it is. Sorry that it is so long but I like what it has to say.

    Ethics Of A True Hacker

    This is the first article I am writing and as such an occasion I decided to write about my favorite topic which is
    computer hacking. Now this is not to be confused with system cracking which of course is the act of mindlessly
    breaking into systems, spreading viruses, and doing things which hurt innocent people who just don't know anything
    about the world of sercurity. I guess being a native New Yorker I am born with the sence of susipicion and a want of
    sercurity. Well let me get to the point of this article. It is meant to show all those who call themselves hackers a
    thing of two. I will guess that only half the people who read this paper will actually amount to being a real hacker.
    Well without further delay here is a paper on what a hacker really is.

    eLLitE DoOdZ

    All you newbies who are entering the wonderful world of hacking, I bet you looked into hacking because you want
    to be one of those "ellite" hackers in the movies right. Let me tell you something right now you will most likely
    never be one of the James Bond evil geniuses who crack into sensitive military information. Now I don't say this to
    mean that you aren't intelligent enough,it is simply not possible. It is a rare occasion that someone actually can
    break into any system that has sensitive information and not be caught. I've heard of less than a half dozen times
    when this rare occasion occurs. Getting caught is all most inevitable. Even those who have years of experience in
    sercurity and programming would have a great task ahead of them for a mission like that. Now those so called
    "cool techno wiz kids" also have boasted about hacking peoples accounts at school right? Well heres a word to the
    wise, its probally not as good as it sounds. And even if they are I'll give you nine to five odds they used some lame
    program of the internet to complete it. If they were for real they wouldn't ever admitted they done it all over school.
    So my message is if you want to be some kind of "Super Hacker" rent a movie and make it "A blockbuster night"
    because your dreaming. Face it your a newbie and you have to learn the basics before you do anything to impress
    your freinds. If you can stand the wait you'll have the reap the rewards of hacking and how cool it can be.


    In the last paragraph I just skimmed over programs. Now the reason I downplay programs is the simple fact unless
    you wrote the program its not hacking. Any idiot can run a program ( I hope!). If you start using programs that do
    everything for you than what are you learning. I once read somewhere on one of the hundreds of hacking sites I've
    visited that "Hacking is using your knowledge to gain more knowledge". Now I've spent hours thinking about that
    and I'll tell you right now that is the best definition I've ever heard. Now please do not misunderstand what I'm
    saying. There are select number of programs that are good to have on hand for automating certain tasks. Now if
    you wanted to find out about the open ports on a computer you have to options. You can run a port surfer or check
    by hand. Now I almost never use a port surfer because it can cause you problems with your isp as well as not give
    you all the critical information you need. If your pressed for time in a wargame with a freinds server or something
    well than go ahead and use that program. I'll be honest with you's I keep programs on hand. I have a unix password
    cracker, port surfer, and even a mailbomber (which I use with much discretion and if you have half a brain you will
    too). And even keep a disk with a few of those intresting programs that are nice to have. Be wary of programs they
    are a crutch which you will become permanently attached to if your not careful.

    Newbie tip section

    Now if you are a intermediate hacker or above you can skip this section. Read if you like though. This goes out in
    response to the constant stream of newbies out there who prowl the chat rooms and newsgroups looking for
    intelligent people and sucking every bit of patience out of them. I can not even count the amount of newbies who
    have contacted me with questions like "Please teach me to hack?"or the infamous "How do I hack?". If you have
    any pride or brains you will never say these words in a chat room, newsgroup, or any other medium of the sort. I
    can not begin to tell you how irritating it is to be asked dumb questions over and over and over again. Day after
    day, month after month. I know that being new to anything is hard but if you persist in doing things like that you will
    inevitablely learn the true meaning of a flame. But I know you're all wondering how do I find out how to hack then?
    You use a ****ing search engine! Look up things like "hacking" and "computer sercurity".If you want to chat with
    other hackers ask specific questions like "Anyone know some good URL's". I'll tell you right now for the time I've
    been into hacking I've foung the best hacking sites right from people in the chat rooms. Not to mention if you find a
    good site be sure to share with others. I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated.

    So what is real hacking anyway?

    Well I've told what hacking is not. Now lets talk about what it is. Hacking, as I said before, is using your knowledge
    to expand your knowledge. Now that means you should become familiar with the various operating systems on the
    internet which are UNIX and WINDOWS NT. Port surfing computers is another very honorable way of hacking.
    You wouldn't believe how many things can be learned by port surfing the various protocols you'll come across. Even
    if criminal hackers port surf to learn as much about a system as possible. This is because of the golden rule of
    course if you are guessing passwords you may get in. But what will you do once your inside. After you know how to
    use various systems the next step is programming which I recently started. Well thats enough for now. Remember
    what a hacker is at all times. Lastly look for the Guide to Mostly Harmless Hacking written by Carolyn Meinel.

    Written by The Mob Boss also known as Mafia_man777
    [gloworange]\"A hacker is someone who has a passion for technology, someone who is possessed by a desire to figure out how things work.\" [/gloworange]

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    By the way i found this article at just goto one of there mirror sites
    [gloworange]\"A hacker is someone who has a passion for technology, someone who is possessed by a desire to figure out how things work.\" [/gloworange]

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    Check this text out on types of hackers, quite interesting.
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    Hmm. I think I don't really fit in there, personally. I've never really defaced something, I guess because I'm just too dang goody-two-shoes-ish. Yet I utterly detest sincere use of l33t-$p33k. I guess that fits in with just being, if not grammatical, then at least against-sloppy-typing...

    I'm a little high on the common-sense and a little low on the quasicriminal technical experience.

    Terr's adage:

    "On the net, if you are even minorly experienced, knowledgable, and have legible writing, you are in the 98% percentile. The uber-people are mainly ficticious anyway."

    [HvC]Terr: L33T Technical Proficiency

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    Or is it because Terr you would not want to hassle someone who has caused you no harm rather than being goody 2 shoes. As for the ethics of a true hacker if they follow the rules and don`t bitch and complain when they get caught then more power to them. What bugs me are the script kiddies who crack and deface sites just to brag about it to their buds. When they get caught they whine and snivel about having to pay for it,what they fail to realize is they caused someone to have to spend time and money to fixing the defaced site.
    No good deed goes unpunished.

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    My ethics change depending on the amount of alcohol consumed!

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    Wink Confirmed Kill needs to check out this link...

    \"When you understand yourself and you understand the enemy you cannot be defeated.\" Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

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    A good text by The Mafia Boss I must admit.

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    If I read one more article about the difference between a hacker / cracker or the "ethics" of somone who probes, scans, pokes, or tests, someone elses property without their concent I will puke.

    The whole hacker/cracker whatever culture is just one lame contradictory oxymoron...

    say that 10 times fast.


    This in no way is directed at the starter of this thread or its participants.


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    If only the could spell...
    Seriously, I'm not one of those people who bitch at others to have perfectly spelled posts. But if you're going to write an essay spell check the damn thing. If you want to be taken seriously don't write like you're in the fifth grade.

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