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Thread: info on analogx port blocker

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    Question info on analogx port blocker

    Who`s used analogx port blocker and is it any good ? Also any known bugs or problems that this program may have? Any info would be helpful Thanks
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    I've tried it and had no problems yet. Here is the problems they said that they patched

    Version Changes
    2.11 Fixed rate spikes on Win2k
    2.10 CPU and Threads now work under NT/2k
    2.03 Added selectable display in either bits or bytes
    2.02 Fixed problem with large negative values and incorrect ident of NIC's
    2.01 Fixed some issues with NT and multiple IP's
    2.00 Totally new look, much more customization, loads of new features
    1.13 Fixed graphing rollover bug
    1.12 Cosmetic improvements to interface
    1.11 Config now saves after editing (solves reboot issue)
    1.09 Made URL ClipCap optional and added URL entry button
    1.08 I give up, threads has been removed to make it easier for lowres users
    1.07 Fixed cosmetic glitch in graphing
    1.06 Fixed bug where trayicon wouldn't disappear if closed while minimized
    1.05 Added average graph indicator and changed current value
    1.01 Added more controls in tray menu for 640x480 users
    1.00 Initial Release
    this was from there site at

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks casper I just downloaded the program and hadnt read to much about it i figured that the forum would be my best bet on finding out about any problems that it might have had thanks again for the quick answer
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