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    Question DNS configuration

    i have setup a network(ethernet) of two red hat linux 7.1 computers.i have configured one of the machines named(joseph)
    as both a DHCP and DNS server and the second machine named (scorpion) as respective client...since the ip assigned to scorpion is dynamic how can i configure joseph to give the correct ip addresses of scorpion when a lookup is made...the reverse and forward lookup,when the scorpion has an ip address of its own,is working perfectly..
    other than manually configuring the zone files each time an assignment is made is there any other way around it...

    thanks a lot for reading this and for any comments offered

    with regards

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    Can you send some clarification on what you mean? Is joseph connected to the internet with a valid ip and giving scorpion a class c, unallocated address? Is joseph doing masquerading/nat for scorpian? Are you using bind or something else like tiny?
    Just for the record - the ip joseph is giving scorpion is dynamic in a sense but i'll bet that it always gives out the same address - i use dhcpd at home and have a few machines grabbing ip's - they always get the same ip no matter how many times i release/renew it.

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    Hmm. I don't think the engineers of such systems would have thought someone would use dynamic addressing so I doubt that there is a normal way to configure it to accept that. The only way it seems is to make a custom network program that sends the current IP address of scorpion to joseph at regular intervals, then have another reciever program that reconfigures joseph's files. If you don't know perl or C I'm sure that you could find someone who would be willing to create a simple setup like this. I can't help you any more than stating the obvious because I have no network programming experience and cannot find any way to configure RH to use dynamic addrsses without third-party software.
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    cannot find any way to configure RH to use dynamic addrsses without third-party software.
    I don't understand this. Linuxconf lets you set your nic to dhcp, or use netcfg. I use dhcpcd eth0 from the command line, or you could use pump.

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    Re: DNS configuration

    If you are working with named (bind) version 9.0 or higher, you can have a look at dynamic update.

    But anyway, why don't you make a reservation in your DHCP server ? I mean, you can make an association between the MAC (hardware) address and an IP address in DHCPd. Just man that stuff.


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