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Thread: computer tutorials reviews

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    Post computer tutorials reviews

    Hi this is one of the better hacking tutorials out on the web that was written from an un-athoured site Note: I did not create help or modify this document in any way. If you can recommend any other good hacking tutorials please do so. Thank you vey much. here is the link to the hacking tutorial

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    I'm just curious why no one's responding to the post even though a bunch of ppl read it.

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    If you need a hacking howto you shouldn't be hacking.

    Not because you lack the knowledge, I'm all for learning from them. I just wouldn't rush out and do that kind of thing untill you have mastered all you can. Many feddies are employed because of people that do silly things.
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    I'm not saying that I am a hacker I was just asking if anyone could think of any good hacking tutorials and by showing the hacking tutorial that I found I was just trying to help other people aqcuire knowledge

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    Although I agree with you ,Prof3ssor, people have to start somewhere. I would much rather "newbies" read a few hacking tutorials than ask questions like "how do I hack hotmail?" And the linked tutorial isn't bad.....

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    Like Professor, if you are interested in Computer Security, Hacking tutorials are not a stable starting point. Two reasons... A.) often out dated B.) I promise you, more then you will or have read it. Including the Feds. You can get yourself in alot of trouble trying to do a DOS attack on Let's say... Google.

    Rather, If your interested in Computer Security. I first recommend Exploring your own system. If you have Nt... give yourself a Restricted account and hack your way up.
    Or Get some security software (like zone alarm) and explore the software.

    I'm a firm believer in exploration before reading... (Maybe that is why i seem to had so many problems at the beginning and still do ) Don't get me wrong... Reading is Good... very good. FInd yourself a good security book that beginngs with the basics and work your way up. and finally keep a open mind.

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    One resource you might find useful is "Hacking Exposed - Second Edition." It gives newbies and sys admins great details into attacks and how to defend against them.

    ISBN 0-07-212748-1
    I got myne a while back at (of all places) Office Depot for 35 bucks.

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    One resource you might find useful is "Hacking Exposed - Second Edition." It gives newbies and sys admins great details into attacks and how to defend against them.
    This is a great book Aslo you might want to try the first one too. They both are great and a lot of hel.
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    thanks for all the info!

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    Hehe Grigri, I like your link .

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