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    Internet Hosting Systems

    What do you belive to be the most secure webhosting software right out of the box and after configured?

    I'd go with Apache just because this is the only one that I cannot recite a dozen bugs or security exploits about off the top of my head.
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    As far as I know I'd have to go with Apache also.
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    Judging not by personal experiance but by the majority of respectable hacker sites I would say Apache too.

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    I would say

    i would say apche because my friend is holding a web so i think that one is the best

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    Absolutely Apache. There are others that are good, but Apache is the most widely used (so the chances of some strange exploit coming out of the blue is less likely). IIS is alright...but not out of the box. Many exploitable extensions are enabled by default in IIS and since very few people use those extensions, they should be disabled ASAP. If you do that and keep track of the latest patches, then IIS is good.
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    Apache all the way!

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