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Thread: Mike's Stupid Question of The Day

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    Cool Mike's Stupid Question of The Day

    Hi all time for me to ask my stupid quesiton of the day

    L33T? what is it/who is it/where is it
    Mike M aka greyhairedwolf
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    It was a good idea to ask this in the newbie forum..because you probably would have been "flamed" pretty bad!

    Rest Assured that I don't flame people ...

    Mike... L33T is slang for "Elite"

    You don't know if you don't ask!

    Hope this has helped you

    P.S. - Thank You for the email about my site...I enjoy getting the feedback
    Simon Templer

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    There's a whole other HaXoR language out there, mike....Have a look at the "morons" thread to get the general idea.......

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