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    Talking Fun for every geek

    I was sitting at my desk tonight, reading the news on BBC and Fliping a diskette for distance just like a child will set a pencil at the end of a desk and slam his fingers down upon it only to watch it fly through the air. Around the 3rd or 4th flip I had an idea.

    I quickly swiped the diskette off the floor and held it by a corner, like I was going to throw a knife, and with all my force I whipped it across the room ( I have a big room) only to have is shatter as it met the brick wall. Diskette ninja stars

    Now I just needed to apply my new found weapon to a partical everyday application. So I thought and I thought... and finally came upon Diskette wars.

    See the cost of paint balls and equipment can get rather expensive... But Diskette's well they are not only cheap but expendable. A pack of 50 is what $10 if that...

    You and the boys are looking for something to do but don't have the money or people to get together a paintball game... Instead you pull out all the AOL disk you have gotten in the pass 10 years(Cd work great also but not as accurate) and run off in the back yard to play. You don't have to worry about Accidently repainting the house and the pain is hardly a factor.

    Diskettes also are very lightweight, Very accurate, and don't make a big mess. just one side note, head gear like in any sport, is a good thing

    Well I look forward to hearing everyone's response on this

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    Your a MORON!!!!
    Here is one for you...Unplug your p.c,Then go and throw it into the nearest bin.
    Make sure it's a recycling bin as we don't want to waste any more plastic and metals.
    Have you ever heard of water balloons??
    Or maybe rocks if you like a little pain??

    Also im sure i could cut you with a nicely sharpened C.D

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    Interesting,but why would we want to use a diskette and probaly break it for pleasure?

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    Finally, a use for AOL disks......

    What? You mean to say that they actually were supposed to be used to connect to AOL? must be kidding me.

    My personal applicationhas always been along the lines of Diskette Golf. Just set the trashcan in some interesting location. See if you can throw the disk such that it gets in. One or more ricochets may be required, naturally. It's a bit more of a head game.....
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    Heres a use for your average 1.44 MB preferably yellow diskette, go to download qnx and store it on your disk [ real security] and you have a Unix run OS with no partition.

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    I have a clay pigeon hand-thrower in my basement, and I'll bet I could get it to throw about 7 or 8 diskettes at a time with a little alteration.

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    One of my friends and myself came up with a new sport using diskettes too. I won't get into details, but it involves two people and a baseball bat. Tennis rackets and hockeysticks have been reported to funcion as well.

    Then again, I really, really would like to see that modified clay pigeon throwing device-thingy in action :)

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    Originally posted by Guus

    Then again, I really, really would like to see that modified clay pigeon throwing device-thingy in action
    Come on over here and I'll show, closer.......closer......

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