There has been an increase in the number of cases of Messenger worm attacks. There has also been an increase in thge number of passport accounts being hacked! In my own circle of friends 4 people have been infected by the choke worm and 2 have had their passport accounts hacked and used as a portal to other peoples machines. Thankfully there is a solution to the choke worm! This can be found at along with a discripotion of the worm!
Here is a brief account of the effects:
While talking to an infected person it will seem that another person has joined but their name is not displayed at the top of thge window. Although it will seem as if they are typing as at the bottom appears every now and then is when the typing message is over words will appear to be said by your contct. Do not accept any files from your contact especially ones with a .exe extension. These will include choke.exe and "yourusername.exe" As with always on the net make sure you virus scan everything you accept off the internet!