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    Microsoft Cert's

    Just wondering what everyone thinks about Microsoft's decision to rescind the expiry of MCSE NT 4 certs at the end of 2001.Microsoft Certification page
    I figure there's probably one or two people on the board that hold that as one of there million certs.
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    I can't speak for everyone, but getting MS Certs. is great when the company pays for it, makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but if the company wasn't paying, would I get one on my own time and money? No, I'm not rich, nor do I want to have to keep getting a new one for every OS they can rename and sell

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    Well, for me, I am personally glad (as I would imagine all the other NT 4 MCSE's are). I think it was a smart thing for M$ to do, since there are still so many organizations that use NT 4 for one reason or another (money might just be a factor?). This just helps keep us "wanted" possibly, because although its not a hard cert to get, some companies still think that its a "high profile" certification.

    I'm just glad I dont use NT anymore! LOL I got my certs in NT/2000 and I still only use 2000 cause of applications that just wont quite work correctly or wont work at all on my nix box. Ya know, just one of those "necessary evil" type things.
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