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Thread: AIM password stealer

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    Exclamation AIM password stealer

    hey guys, whats up?? i'm still new to the board and don't know many ppl but i was wondering if you guys could still help me out. I'm trying to **** around with my friends screen name and I can't figure out his AIM password. I was wondering if anyone knew a program or a way of getting it. If you want, IM me. My AIM name is Sirex or you can just email me at

    Thanks alot guys


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    Not the answer your looking for, but have a look here

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    Unhappy sorry

    sorry bout that.. didn't know that i shouldn't ask these questions.. thanks anyway..

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    (sung to the tune of DUN DUN DUN another one bites the dust) DUN DUN DUN another newb forgot to read the FAQs

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