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Thread: Shout out to JP

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    What a thread... Well, JP is truly at the very light side of the Force... He's just been away for a while now? I dunno if there's a forum for suggesting new stuff to AntiOnline, but when I'm now writing this message, I might as well say my (okay, I think many other people have also thought this) idea: JP, make a programming-related forum!


    PS. This message was written offline before that one brainless arrived in this thread...
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    I agree that this site is awesome. I think alot of people have REALLY great ideas, BUT JP has done what many wish they could do.....He did it!!! And WELL!!!

    This is the very best site and forum on the WEB.

    This goes to compliment the content and the functionality!

    I bow down in hommage to you JP!!!
    --MityMousse (Pronounced Mighty Moose!!!)

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    Originally posted by Seb-G
    I think Ennis is gonna cry.

    dumb trick.
    Man you are some lame bitch. God it makes me laugh when I think of you at home on youre new Windows box running trojans and posting annoying posts, God man just learn something useful and wake up child.

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    My turn to...

    Couldn't stay left out of the 'fun'

    Great site though!

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    Seb-G....methinks thou art jealous...tis an unbecoming feature that thou dost display.

    The site rocks, no attention to the whiney bitch...given his level of articulation he probably thinks php means pooh-hole paper, and no doubt any site he designed could be used as such.
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    There was a similar thread like this: Thanks JP!
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