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Thread: Netscape Restrictions

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    Question Netscape Restrictions


    Does anyone know of a way to disable the clear cache, location and history buttons in Netscape.

    I have looked everywhere for this and I need this for a project I am working on. Any help is very welcome.

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    Unless you talk Netscape into compiling you a new copy without the buttons, there isn't any way that I know of to do that. Instead, though, you could have a program synchronize the cache and history directories into other "secret" folders.
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    Netscape gives you the option of changing where the cache is stored. Perhaps create a "hidden" folder and store the cache there. But I suppose that clicking the "clear cache" button will still clear it no matter where it's stored. Perhaps if you download some freeware program to actually password protect the folder where you store the cache the clear button might become disabled. I've seen such programs @ than that, email Netscape for the source code!

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    Netscape does have a browser customization kit that allows you to write custom java scripting features. Similiar to Microsoft's IEAK.

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