As you can see from the unhappy smiley. I have a tale to tell!!! Well some time ago 10-02-2001 I posted to the newbie threads a question, CMOS and BIOS, about setting the password. Well I did and seeing how my keyboard occasionaly shows signs of dyslexia I entered the password, repeated same and off I went. Well all was not fine i must have entered the wrong p/w twice . Unable to deciefer my own p/w trying all combos of upper and lower case and all nearby keys. I was finally disgusted enough to take the box to the shop and have the Bios reset. I now know that the reset process is basically as simple as removing an internal jumper on my mother board. Can anyone give me more info on how I can find which jumper to use to accomplish this feat, . Gateway with a 433 celeron. I hope to set a password but not until I can reset it myself and save the $40 for my own pocket. As always keep up the great posts.