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Thread: around Novell BorderManager..

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    Question around Novell BorderManager..

    Novell BorderManager is installed on our school computers, and is set to disallow access to any port unless your are logged in and it is before 10pm.

    This is fine....but sometimes i need to work later....i was informed by the LAN manager that there is a way around it...but that that was all he was going to tell me....any suggestions????

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    Well, I know there is one vulnerability that will cause the server to abend. What version of Novell is BM running on? what version of BM is it anyways?

    I haven't heard of any ways to bypass BM and haven't found any personally although one might have just popped into my head. Hrmmm. I think if there is anyway around BM its not related to BM but rather to the network.

    Don't know if that helps.

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