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Thread: Say hello to everyone

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    Talking Say hello to everyone

    Hello everyone, very nice to meet you here!
    Do you have any IPbomber in the site?
    If you have, please let me know, I need some.
    Thank you very much!

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    I dunno if there is one here, but search for the group, ILLEGAL CREW, They have a good one called IIS crasher, even though i only does port 80 for HTTP attacks it's still nie to lag people

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    Try GIMP its a good one or download it at :

    they have alot of everything....!

    Everything U see is an illusion, please donĀ“t panic......!

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    re: hello

    willstrong....hello and welcome to the best discussion group on the internet. I think you will find the people here the most thoughtful on the net. That said I believe you should read a couple of things to make your time here more enjoyable.
    1. Newbies, Please Read This First!!!!!!
    2. If you go back to the Home Page of AntiOnline look at the many articles on the right side of the page. i believe they will give you an excellent idea of what this site is about. (And an understanding of the terrific job a mysterious person with the initials JP has done creating this)

    again welcome hope you comeback here many times. It's a wonderful place
    Mike M aka greyhairedwolf
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    \"An it harm none do what you will\"
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    More scripters eh? IPbombing? hmmm...and what would that accomplish for you in a network security sense? Is there a way to use one that would benefit a network? And yeah try GIMP if ya want its good but takes a little while to load...

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