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Thread: where can I get cheap/good computer parts

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    where can I get cheap/good computer parts

    Any suggestions on where to get cheap (Not necessarily low quality) computer parts? URLs, name brand stores, general type stores, etc. would all be very useful. Thank you.
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    You can get real cheap memory at

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    Arrow RE: good cheap used parts

    --> I don't know about GOOD cheap used parts, but if you are willing to gamble for the GOOD parts, you can get very very CHEAP used parts at your local computer store that has "final cycle" sales, often held on weekends.

    --> Get there early, and geek out.
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    Best parts are found at yard slaes. hit them early. youll be surprised at what is sold! Whole computer sysems for dirt cheap!
    Monitors and such. Last week i got a 17" viewsonic for $10

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    Well i know in CANADA get them from ...

    give this one a try too

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    Find almost everything with prices already compared:

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    Another site that is wonderful for cheap computer (as well as other stuff) is If you have something in mind that you want to get, but don't need it right away, this place is great - just keep watching it every once and a while and usually a deal will come around...very nice.
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