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Thread: Microcontrollers

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    I dont know how sharp you guys' electronics is, but
    Im working on a digital thermometer...
    Right now its brain is going to be a Motorola 68705P3,

    The only beef i have with it is that its timer/ counter is only 8 bits wide.

    Does anyone know of a microcontroller that has a 16bit counter?
    The problem is that it cant need alot of support chips....
    so a 8051,8052 or are out of the question...
    And I already looked into using a 8742... it wasnt beefy enough.

    Oh yeah, as you might have noticed from the 7's, itd help if the chip had programmable eprom onboard.

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    No-one replies to my threads!
    I'm sendin this to the top, mabey someone knows...

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    Re: Microcontrollers

    What about TI DSP.

    BTW, what do you mean by "it can't have a lot of support chips?"

    You mean the address gate and some stuff needed by the 8051 to generate both data and address BUSes ?

    I remember years ago having used a BASIC programmed microcontroller, something lik 16PIC something ...


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