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Thread: Alternative irc programs ....

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    Alternative irc programs ....

    Mirc ... i dont really like it , i installed ircN wich is sort of addon over your existing mirc but i did not realy like that either, i aso tried bxmirc and some other irc proggys but i have not found any programs that i really really like.

    i am not sure what i am looking for , i am just searching until i fint something i like.

    Any suggestions ?
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    Here is a link to a list for windows IRC progs:
    IRC Clients

    Damn, I was all set to write a nice reply, and one search of "IRC programs" on google ruined it.

    So, remember when you have a question, or want to find something, use google

    btw, hope that link helps.

    There is one client, that I use right now, called savIRC . It is only at beta 7b (for windows) but can be ran on linux also. It is written in the Tcl/Tk language. And also supports scripts written in TCL. Although, I doubt you can use eggbot scripts in it. :P

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    Lightbulb programmer?

    if you're a programmer, why not create a customized irc client? i read a whole bunch of references, samples and documentations on this thing a year ago and now i'm using a home-made irc client. it's really not that sophisticated as with many irc clients there with their built-in functions. but i do have built-in functions for myself. it can be minimized into one small "smiley" that sits anywhere on your screen. and a "boss-hotkey". and auto-colorize text. and am planning to add some more features too if my sched is not too hectic. anyway, as i can see, this process is the only thing that might help someone with specific needs like yours. hope you get your mirc client that you want.
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    Lightbulb Re: Alternative irc programs ....

    u can try Torment script
    i like that
    more powerfull script
    u can DL from

    try it and say same thing to me about that

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    mirc +addons

    yes, they got nice and colorfull scripts. but the problem with those mirc add-ons are the possibility that they contain virulent codes (or pretty much "trojan" type). you have to manually edit their script codes just to make sure what the list actually do. most of the time, there's no harm (just author's links and stuffs). but there are addons that can make mirc a backdoor for hkrs. another thing is the tools used by virusscript which contains viral/trojan codes. most of the antivirus softwares out there detects and cleans these tools. i use modified scoopscript, which is similar with virusscript. virusscript is harder to edit, i think (i did not spend time tweaking with it).
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    i am NOT a hacker :Þ

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    I think you guys forgot that he is looking for a different IRC Client, not script.

    But, as scripts go for mIRC. I think one of the very best is Peace & Protection although, it is not being worked on. The author is making it so that you can use it with the latest releases of mIRC.

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