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    Question IRQ question

    --> While everything on the computer (Windows2000Professional) seems to run fine, I notice that I have multiple devices on IRQ 11. It seems odd, in that there are other open IRQs. I don't want to goof anything, but I wonder if this is a problem-in-waiting should I ever want to add new devices in future.

    -> Is having multiple devices on one IRQ a bad idea?

    -> Is there a way to manually re-assign interrupt/IRQ to devices?

    -> should I leave well enough alone?

    Thanks, your ever loving Briareus
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    IRQ 11 usually is for network adapters devices.

    and if you have 2 or more network adapters in one IRQ it works
    sometimes but is not an good idea because when both adapters use DHCP then your computeer will not boot up normally but after the boot it will work .

    for re assign the irq :

    If one of the devices is a motherboard device you can not reassign the IRQ of that device . So just try with the other device .
    Uninstall the other device and in the disk driver of that device edit the file .inf and remove there the interrupt 11.Reinstall the device .

    Hope this helps

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    You probably have PCI devices on this IRQ. Back in the old days when we all used ISA devices instead of those fancy PCI whatchamacallits, each device had to have it's own IRQ to function. Basically it's the hardware interrupt. Not going into great detail why or what it is, since each device had to have an unique IRQ, they put jumpers on most to set them manually. Then along came PnP (plug n pray) in which the computer would assign resources for you automatically. Well most PC's (except for compaq, go figure) have 15 IRQ's total to use. I big chunk used by the motherboard, add sound card, video, modem, network, so you start running out of IRQ's to use. Well intel got this Idea, let's make something that can run on the *same* IRQ, that way we won't need to invent more IRQ's thus the PCI was born (not that simple though). PCI allows you to put multiple devices (PCI devices) on the same IRQ through technical time slots and time slicing signaling. Just looking at my device manager, I see 7 devices on the same IRQ (PCI devices) Video, USB, Sound, Network, DVD-Decoder, etc. As long as there are no problems, don't try to fix it.

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    irq 5

    sounds a bit like my setup, knight.....but you can always steal irq 5 for your network adapter....

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    Cool interesting

    --> Thanks guys for the info.

    --> You are correct, Knightmb, every one of those devices on IRQ 11 is a PCI device. Actually, all but one: ISA Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System.
    The others are 3com Etherlink, Creative Sound Blaster, LT Win Modem, Nvidia GeForce2 , and then this oddity: twin VIA USB Universal Host Controllers... could this be from the joystick?
    I assume that some space is reserved for each USB IRQ, for the two VIA USB's have different resources allocated. Expandability is my guess.
    -->Anyway thanks for the info, ya'll.
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