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    Linux Kernel


    During my install of Red Hat Linux 7.1, Workstation, I got an error message from the install program stating that the kernel had not been copied correctly, and to use a startup disk to correct the problem. The dilemma is that there was no startup disk created, because the invalid kernel wouldn't let me make one!

    How do I fix the kernel? Run install again? Or can I copy it from the CD, if so, where do I put it, and is there anything I need to do to 'activate' it? (new to linux)

    Anyone have a useful suggestion?



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    Are you able to boot at all or is it not even giving you a command promt? If it wont let you even boot into single mode or multi user mode it will just be faster and more efficent just to re-install.

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    Because this happened during the install process, I would reinstall anyway. If there was one definite problem, there may have been others that you don't know about. I recommend attempting a reinstall from whatever boot media you have. Then, if that doesn't work, you should try to install from a different installation cd. I know that some people would say to try to fix the current installation, but I wouldn't trust an installation that had problems with the kernel. Hope this helps, and Happy Hacking.

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