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Thread: Guys Joke...Not a good one, but I laughed!

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    Thumbs up Guys Joke...Not a good one, but I laughed!

    On a cloudy day at a Chicago airport there are these 2 aircraft mechanic's sitting outside. The airport is fogged in and nothing is flying.

    So mechanic1 says to the other "Do you have anything to drink?"

    Mechanic2 says" No, But I heard you could drink JP7 (jetfuel) and get drunk on that!"

    So they try it and get totally hammered.

    The next morning mechanic1 open's his eyes and thinks to himself "Boy as soon as I sit up I am going to have a really bad hangover!" So he slowly sits up and he feels wonderful, no hangover what so ever.

    The phone rings and he answers it and it's mechanic 2. and He says "So how do you feel?"

    Mechanic1 says "GREAT, absolutly GREAT! No hangover."

    Mechanic2 says "Me too, but I have a question to ask.
    Have you farted yet this morning?"

    Mechanic1 "No, why?"

    Mechanic2 says "Well, DON'T because I did and now I am in Alaska!"
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    your a funny funny guy

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    :> some fun on the forum,i don't think anybody will die from it I LIKE IT
    hip hop rules

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    hey guys check out my thread i am planning to start one joke thread.....and all of us will be posting some jokes and hummour in that how do ya think....

    pls reply to my thread....



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