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Thread: P3M file extension

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    P3M file extension

    I didnít no where exactly to put this so I apologize if its in a wrong place anyway here is the problem. I received this file with the extension p3m and I have no idea how to open it. I am not even sure what it is. I looked up stuff on it and I found out that it is some sort of verisign file and something to do with smime. So if anyone can get me more info I would appreciate it. Look I would not bother myself with it much but my boss insists on finding out exactly what it is...

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    Extsearch ( had no records for p3m. My nagging feeling is, though, that is it is an mp3 file. Try renaming it and playing it to see.
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    Found some stuff that might be relevant.....

    PDF file.....
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