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Thread: hack attack

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    Question hack attack

    i am under a hack attack!
    my avs has pop up's so i do have a number but i can only run it
    back to my isp i need too know how i can trace the my attacker?

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    AVS? Anti-Virus System?

    If you are a home user, I would recomment just defending yourself with a firewall and sensible windows-share settings, and to forget about it. How do you know you are 'under attack'? What are they doing? What is the popup? Without more information, I would say:

    "You can trace them but it will take a lot of time and effort to 'bring them to justice', so don't bother if you're just a single person."
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    From the way you're talking, it sounds like you just got a firewall and jumped at the first ping that came in. Can you give a few more details? Can you at least say what kind of "attack" it was? Odds are, it was something harmless.

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    If you have the ip then use or some other lookup tool. tracert is one way...

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    Re: hack attack

    Beside knowing "how should you define when you're under attack", here are the first tools that can help you ...

    If you notice an IP address trying to do really bad things, you can :

    trace him (tracert or traceroute), which will show you one way that connect your system to his. This can help you determine if it is possible that the attack come from here.

    Also, whois is a greatly appreciated tools, which can give you lots of informations about the provider leading this range and so on. INteresting when you want to report hack attempts to the provider.


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    Well maybe this might help if you are running windows and this funny stuff is happenin, go to the command prompt and type
    netstat -n and that will give you anyone connected to your computers IP, that could be a start, or just get an up-to-date virus scanner and run it, cause most likey you are infected with a trojan of some sort (SUBSEVEN)

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