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Thread: Good Reading?

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    Question Good Reading?

    I remember when antionline used to be mostly text archives of how-to's and other informative materials. I was just woundering, out of all the archives that antionline has, what are some of the most informative and most interesting in the catigories of:


    So far I have found several archives that have not had the AUTHOR section filled in. HappyHackers guide to mostly harmless hacking is one of them. Is this normal?

    Well hope you have a few pointers, thanks.
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    I would suggest checking out your local library first, since you can usually find some diamonds in the rough in your 000-100 dewey decimal section (I believe that included the occult and computer tech topics). For instance, there are two or three TCP/IP books in my local library, and I don't have to buy them because of that.

    I would recommend Hacking Exposed (2nd or 3rd edition, 3rd is pretty new), based on what I've read of the 2nd ed, it's a very good book for giving you a wide view on vulnerabilities past and present in many systems.

    I don't have anything else that I'm so happy with that I'd recommend buying it, but I would again reiterate that the library is a good place to look first.
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    I like this one

    MY Favorite book in the hole world is Hack Attacks Revealed! it's like 800 pages of useful information,the author is John Chirillo. another good one I like is Hack proofing your network. Hacking Exposed has alot of books out for everything, the hacking windows 2000 was there newest one.But of Course Happy Hacker is a good one, that was my first it taught me alot and kept me motivated.

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    Post Archives

    Thanks for the pointers on BOOKS, my library sucks, the only books it has on computers are for kids, "Getting to know your computer" OR "Introduciton to DOS"

    I was wanting to know what is a good read from the antionline archives. But I will defentetly check out those books.

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    Good Reading here

    Ok so you are looking for articles here, why?
    No seriously they have what your looking for but depends what you are using it for. Hacking, Cracking, or are just a system admin looking for more information.

    I'll be honest I didn't start reading text files here but places like.,,,,, those places you really learn alot, also Ankita Fadia's hacking truth site gave me alot of insight.

    Also blacksun tutorials

    Most of what you won't learn you will be able to learn from the books that we suggested.

    I use this place more as a reference to ask questions so I can understand things better.Also to help other people.

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