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    When school web pages suck:

    You make them suck even more!

    "All your soundcards are belong to me"
    I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You may stop this
    individual, but you can\'t stop us all... after all, we\'re all alike.

    ---The Mentor [1987]

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    That was pretty hilarious. I'm still laughing.Well I guess it sucks if your the school admin but it comes with the job...

    I'm still laughing, it's just kids messing around.Don't take it to seriously, lol, as long as there are backups and what not.It should be ok.

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    Yeeee Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!rofl

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    pretty funny

    school probably deserved it personally wouldnt mind doing it to my school site but being a small school theyd come straight to the person they know has the most computer knowledge me

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    Smile Hehe

    When will school admin's learn, school kids+school site= defaced site

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