OK, I'm about to ****ing lose my mind.

Check this out.

I got this PC (Win98 SE) that was giving illegal ops everytime you logged to Windows, even in safe mode.

So I thought, **** it..and formatted it. When I re-installed Win98, I noticed the Primary and Secondary IDE drivers weren't installed.

I thought it was a ****ed up installation...so I did it again. But the same thing happened.

I decided to F-DISK the drive, then re-create the primary partition and then obviously formatted again.

After I installed Win98...the same thing again....the Primary and secondary IDE drivers were not loaded.

At this point I got pissed...I took the HDD out and plugged it into another PC and installed Win98 no problem.

When Win98 logged on for the first time.....you wont believe what I saw.

The ORIGINAL ****ing installation!.....no ****.....the customers machine had all his details and net connection. AND all the drivers for the OTHER PC.

I haven't been drinking.

This thing survived 3 formats and an FDISK

Someone better give me an explanation.

Spec :- Jetway 663ASPRO, 1Ghz Athlon