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Thread: Unbelievable

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    Question Hanns? Is that you?...

    --> Ironic, that the first time he is polite (somewhat at least) is when he needs help or an explanation, THEN where does he come? Here, to AntiOnline, to those he trashes incessantly.

    --> Hopefully Hanns, if thats your name, you really do understand who visits here and what they are about. There's hope for you yet. Keep it up. And yes, the idea of it going through the motions seems at least possible, had the same thing happen once, only on a smaller scale...I once had floppies that were 'formatted' by my computer, but always held old info. The drive jsut was faking the format.
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    Windows is evil!

    That's it I tell you! Windows is evil! It keeps your old formats on the drive even after an FDISK so it can use the old errors in that ****ed up install of windows in the new install of windows, causing you eternal hard drive pain! ahhhh!

    *cough* linux! *cough cough*
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    make a partition with the program in the attach

    I have tried it and it works

    Hope this will help
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    it happened to me once, on winME. although win98 does not have recovery thing on it as winME does, they can still both have that issue sometimes. i fdisked and format afterwards. then when i reboot, it loads everything again as if i did nothing. i thought i fdisked it and formatted it. also fdisk thought he fdisked it and format thought he formatted it. but windows is just messing around. this may also happen if some other parts of your pc is messing around, might be memory or probably your ide controller. **** happens.
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    Talking Re: Unbelievable

    Originally posted by Seb-G
    OK, I'm about to ****ing lose my mind.

    Check this out.

    I got this PC (Win98 SE) that was giving illegal ops everytime you logged to Windows, even in safe mode.

    So I thought, **** it..and formatted it. When I re-installed Win98, I noticed the Primary and Secondary IDE drivers weren't installed.

    I thought it was a ****ed up I did it again. But the same thing happened.

    I decided to F-DISK the drive, then re-create the primary partition and then obviously formatted again.

    After I installed Win98...the same thing again....the Primary and secondary IDE drivers were not loaded.

    At this point I got pissed...I took the HDD out and plugged it into another PC and installed Win98 no problem.

    When Win98 logged on for the first wont believe what I saw.

    The ORIGINAL ****ing installation! ****.....the customers machine had all his details and net connection. AND all the drivers for the OTHER PC.

    I haven't been drinking.

    This thing survived 3 formats and an FDISK

    Someone better give me an explanation.

    Spec :- Jetway 663ASPRO, 1Ghz Athlon

    u are right first of all it is not believable that the data is still there on the disk...
    according to me the command fdisk or format is not working properly may be due to some problems..or something...
    and it is faking the format behaviour...
    so according to me try formatting it on somebody elses computer
    and if still if it doesn't work then go for other hard disk...

    i think that is the only solution....


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    Do you think to note what the other computer(s) said in their BIOS ? I mean, differences in BIOS recognition could lead to this strange behaviour.

    I remember having the same trouble when I was using a disk I had to manually set into my BIOS (with a 286!)

    Especially, look for stuff like "MBA", "LARGE DISK" and other translations that could occur.


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    Sorry, too much basket this week. LBA, not MBA.


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    Hrmmm. This may be a second time replying to this but what the hey. I have found that fdisk doesn't do it's job correctly. I've had the same problem that you mentioned a few times. But I can usually resolve it with delpart.exe.

    Great little dos tool. Get a simple DOS boot disk, add it in and poof. No partitions (and it doesn't matter what file system). I decided to save you the search this time. You can find it:

    Go figure. They have even more stuff there for diagnostics.

    Hope this helps.

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    Cheers Ms, I might let you have some fun with my body in return.

    Cheers to the other geeks too.

    I found the prob, the IDE controller isn't working. The HDD was going through the motions of format and FDISK, but wasn't actually doing it. Very rare thing to happen.

    The freaky part that I don't have an answer for is, that when I took the HDD out to test it out on another machine......when it entered was displaying in 32bit 800x600 with the drivers of the OTHER graphics card.

    So basically I had a perfect display on the screen, and it wasn't even sthe same manufacturer of card.

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    Anyway, you've all learned something.

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    Forgot to mention it's a physical fault of the HDD.

    New HDD is the only cure

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