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Thread: Unbelievable

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    And this is why companies who upgrade their systems, actually smash their HDD that have sensetive data on them.

    You can't rely on FDISK or format.

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    This is my only explination.

    sometimes multiple FAT tables are created by accident,
    I would suggest that mabey it was writing to it's own little FAT.
    Therefore it might look like the drive was empty when it wasnt.
    Remember, you can delete the Fat table, and it will look like all your data is gone... if you put the fat table back, then all your data might come back.

    The only problem with that is that any space that was written to by the other fat will seem to have incorrect data in it.
    That will make things go strange on you with BSOD's and other GPF stuff.

    Another thing that i once saw happen was really strange.
    You can have conflicting partition entries...
    The drive might have 2 partitions that both span the entire drive.
    One partition's dimensions might be different then the others.

    Makin it look really weird, where you can bring all your data into and out of the void.

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    You guys all responded at the same time as me.

    I posted that and then it was already solved.
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    Some virii can survive althought u format the HDD. And when it attach to file system u'r format command will be useless. It still there. Perhaps the best thing is to throw away and buy new HDD. Well, that just some idea.

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    I've seen this problem of formats having absolutely no effect on a disk before. I never seen it on a hard disk before, only floppys. I don't have the slightest clue what causes it.

    ...Well, I guess that is less than helpful. I recommend you whack the hard drive with a modestly sized claw-hammer and invest in a new one. Whenever its happened on my floppy disks, I throw them out.

    Maybe theres crap all over the write head or something, preventing it from formatting? Damn, I don't know. Wierd...

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