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    I FDISKed it. It had NO partition.

    I then re-partitioned it, formatted( through DOS) , Reinstalled Win98. And when I got into Win98 I saw all the old files still there.

    The ONLY explanation I can come up with, is that the HDD CAN'T be formatted. It's got some sort of fault thats FAKING a format. It's going through the motions of the format, but isn't actually doing it.

    ****....that sounded plausable till I said it out loud.

    I have never seen anything like this.

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    Seen this before, try repartitioning with a new partition size, should correct what you are seeing.
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    Be sure to turn off any anti-virus in bios, this will prevent a true format as well

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    Try looking for something called delpart.exe. It deletes partitions (hence the name). Once you've delete the partitions you want or all of them, then use fdisk then format to recreate your partitions and then re-install.

    If you look around carefully you should be able to find it. You will need a DOS boot disk.

    I used to use it for setting up student machines and such and it works great.

    Hope this helps.

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    fdisk problem

    Don't forget to "RESTART" the computer after fdisking THEN "FORMAT" it. It is also a good idea to check your bios for virus protection.

    Nifty hint: If having the bios virus proteciton on
    prohibits actuall harddrive formatting, then why
    doesnt everyone who is worried about their hard
    drive getting erased just turn it on if they have it?
    Whats a \"START\" button?

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