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Thread: Editing The Tcp stack

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    Question Editing The Tcp stack

    My question was in my last thread I posted up somthing about how to spoof your IP, well again thanks to Terr and Jparker.I must now have to understand the TCP stack or at least if there is a way to edit it.

    Going through proxies are just ways of hiding the IP so it looks like somthing else if you use it , youre taking the chances that you are not going to get reported. But I figure if there is a way to edit the IP you would not be able to get traced, and be able to go on living a full healthy life.


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    It would be cheaper to just disconnect your phone wire. If everyone thought you had an IP that you didn't... where would all your incoming traffic go?

    Yeah, a healthy life, as long as you were content with only sending packets, never recieving them.

    And that assumes that your ISP's router will even let them through when outgoing, when the packets' IP sources appear to not be in it's "area of responsibility".
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    Ok get the point. YOu have to edit out going packets.And that you would not be able to recieve any incoming info because you didn't give the correct IP address to rely back to your computer.And I know my ISP would not send it through the router becuase it's not in the area of resposibility.

    Ok so does that sound like I'm on the right track

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