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Thread: ftp hacking and cracking

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    Re: ftp hacking and cracking

    Originally posted by shoadung
    Is there any way i can hack someones ftp login info?
    Yes, there are some ways of doing that.


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    Are you planning on doing somthing illegal that might get you thrown in jail.


    Do you really want to sit in jail and be someone's bitch, think about the consequences you obviously don't know what your talking about and I serously doubt you know how to cover your tracks.

    Maybe you should re stat your question in a better matter then "Is there any way i can hack someones ftp login info?". Because Helping someone doing something illegal is not helping.

    And yes just like Gobinjf stated there are many ways to hack into someone's ftp.

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    Thumbs down Really Silly Question

    Shoadung, Questions like this will only get you flamed.

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    Why don't u delete the thread for us all

    here's a link.

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