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    Question linux information


    I tired of crash with windows Os.
    I try to get linux redhat... or diferent one

    my cuestion is:

    can I run, windows software like games aplications
    in a linux machine..?

    or I have to get linux software?

    please help me----

    thank you!

    pd: thank you simon, for the irc tip's


    estoy cansado de chocar con windows Os
    quiero instalar linux redhat o uno diferente

    mi pregunta es:

    puedo correr windows software. como juegos , aplicaciones
    en linux sistema...?

    o tengo que conseguir linux software?

    por favor ayuda------

    " gracias"

    Pd: gracias simon por los tip's en irc


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    You can run some windows apps in linux with a program called wine - should come bundled with red hat, it has its limits though. There are a few other products too - like vmware - which lets you install a version of windows from within linux, its commercial software so you have to pay for it.

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    Talking Windows In Linux

    Yes... You can run Windows Programs in Linux...But it requires some special software.

    From personal experience, back when I used to run a version of Linux (Before I was FORCED to use the computer I have now) I was not satisfied with Wine's performance (although I'm sure they've improved it alot since I last used it)

    A product I did find was Win4Lin... it's similiar vmware, and is available at:

    The downside is that it ranges from 80 to 90 dollars, however if your willing to shell out the cash, make sure you look at the System Requirements.

    It might be something worth taking a look at!

    I hope this has helped
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    Many windows programs don't run on Linux, but if you have a program like WINE ( you can run a few. But, it isn't certain that programs will run with wine, it is dependent on the program. Games with Direct3D don't work well, but OpenGL is more reliable.

    From what I remember of spanish (No Babelfishing):

    Muchas programas del Windows no pueden correr sobre Linux, pero si tu tienes una programa como "W.I.N.E." (, tu puedes correr a poco.

    Pero, no es cierto que programas puede correr con WINE, es dependiente de la programa. Juegos con Direct3D no puede correr bien, pero OpenGL es mas <reliable>.

    Para WINE en espanol (con Altavista BabelFish)...
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    you don't like windows? you want redhat? what's the diff? just go with linux progs...when you kick the habit dont let the habit kick you....

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