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Thread: IIS question..

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    Talking IIS question..

    whats up guys?? how are all of u?? chillen over here. have a little problem was wondering if anyone can help.. i am running my friends website of a Win 2K Pro machine with IIS and I want to put streaming audio on it. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to do it. I know you can use Flash or a RA program but I can't find a RA program that will let me do it. Thanks ahead of time guys for your help..


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    What do you mean? Do you want to actually embed the audio into the page? If that's what you want to do, insert this anywhere in the body of your code.

    <embed src="youraudiofile.extension" autoplay="true" loop="true" hidden="true">

    I HOPE that helps.

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    If you want true streaming audio, then you need more software to do that. For example, WinAmp's Shoutcast for a "radio station" -

    Real Networks has their own software as does Microsoft.
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    for streaming on win2k just go to
    control panel
    administrative tools
    configure your sever options
    and there you have web/Media Server

    select streaming media server .

    follow the instructions of windows and ..........

    i wish you good luck

    i hope this help
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    can't do that with pro

    I would use the streaming audio feature but thats only with Windows 2000 Server. What I'm looking for is real player that i can use to play beats on the start up of my site

    thanks again


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