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Thread: prohibitiion

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    Thumbs up prohibitiion

    Now that an alleged, 'Cyber-Jihad' has been declared, I wonder what the US stance on reciprocal participation will be....? Time will tell as the number of attacks and defacing increase.

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    That's an interesting point.....

    All I know is this:
    If anybody ever hacks and defaces my site, I consider that an invitation to retaliate by whatever means necessary.

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    Well.....I'm not normally the type to take revenge.....but if anyone touches my system, they won't be liking the results......

    I'm a bit protective of my system.....
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    Whenever something happens with the world, hackers or crackers do something. TO me the internet is a reflection of socitey and the world we live in and wake up to. The only difference is politicans control this world, and we, hackers secruity experts control this world. In a way a site Is property.... instead of destroying a city, why not deface a site and tell everyone who visits this site how you feel...... instead of death show peeps your opinon. but back to what i was saying about the internet is a reflection of our world. The internet has love (internet relationships), disease (that speaks for itself), and unfourtanatly hate......... think about that! Oh yea and if anyone messed with my system........ refer to the Attachment, it speaks for itself

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