Okay, okay!! That's a big PHAT lie!!! I DO want to hack Hotmail...but only sometimes! I can stop whenever I wanna, I just don't wanna....Currently seeking appropriate 12-step program, "I admit that I'm powerless over the urge to hack Hotmail", blah, blah, blah.

I'm VERY new to the techie end of 'puters...running programs, no problem. Fixing problems? Barely a clue. So I said to myself, "Self", I said, (and I knew it was me, 'cuz I recognized the voice), "what better way to learn how computers werk than to subscribe to Antionline....I could learn at the collective feet of the master(s)" (Yes, I COULD probably kiss up more, but it would just be overkill at this point, dontcha think?)

My 11-year-old son (aka 'Devil Boy') learned a neat trick that he just HAD to try out at home: deltree/y c:\Windows. Mommy's NOT laughing...and now I've lost all kinds of hacking wisdom. I would greatly appreciate any links or guidance that might be helpful....

I've been reading postings at Actiononline for the past few weeks, and I havta tell ya, you people are a HOOT! More fun than the Comedy Channel, and cheaper than cable. I've already learned so MUCH!! I've learned at LEAST 200 ways NOT to hack into Hotmail....AND just how fast local law enforcement officials can get to my house (d'ya know those cops insisted on handcuffs even though we barely KNEW one another??? How very forward of them....)

I actually DO have a Hotmail question (NO, I have NOT fallen off the wagon!!) When I'm in my own account, is there any way for me to see the answer to my own secret question? Alzheimer's and/or too many drugs prevent me from remembering mom's maiden name....I'm not asking anyone to just GIVE me the answer, just to point me in the right direction....and in the meantime, you can all hack into my Hotmail and read my very BORING mail....(BIG fun, I can tellya!!)

Now, PLEASE be gentle with me....it's my very first time!!!