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Thread: Identical or Unfrag. IP packets

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    Question Identical or Unfrag. IP packets

    How do you send identical or Unfragmented IP packets?

    I am having trouble with a router and looked up the vulnerability.
    I'm using a Windows XP pro and connecting to my uncle's box he's using a winodows 98 plus computer where the router is connected.It's a d-link 704,And yes I tried the ping -f (which didn't work)

    IF anyone could point me in the right direction here it would be great.

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    can someone please tell me what a packet is, because i had this packet sending progand i just typed in an ip...... or two and it sent like 105 packets theni canceld what do they do? and what is a router?

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    packet inquiry you mean sugar, salt, pepper, packets of what...router? I think that is something a person would use in woodworking...hmmmm

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