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Thread: Good remote Admin

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    Good remote Admin

    Does anyone know of any good remote admin tools other than net bus or backorifice.......? and where are they located?

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    Try pcAnywhere. You'll have to pay though....

    Why don't you want to use BO or Netbus?

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    the reason i dont use NB is because it always has a virus in the patch and where the **** can i find BO?

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    Red face

    You've been asking alot of newbie questions........Try the newbie section. And you're right, Netbus does come corrupted 9 out of 10 times. You''ll find that BO is the same.

    I know you can get it here, but, as you say, it might be corrupted. Im not sure if AntiOnline has Bo or NetBus in it's security download section but you could try there.

    Try searching @ untill you find one thats virus free....

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    of course i coud use a big search engine, and i gues syou are right i could use the newbie section, but im not a newbie...... lmao, i am just conferming alot of my knowledge...... long as i havent asked what is an IP! lmao

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    Try VNC. More recommended for fast connections, as it is very graphical...

    What features are you looking for in a remote admin tool?
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    If your looking for a good remote administration program, I would recommend a program called ReachOut...

    It is quite quick, and what I find the best is that it can't easily be used as a hacking tool.....

    So if your really looking for a Remote Admin program, take a look at ReachOut... its made by a company called Stac.....

    I was gonna post a link to download it, unfortunately, Stac no longer supports ReachOut, they have added to a part of a larger e-commerce suite..

    (grrr, I had this e-commerce crap... so many good stand-alone apps being integrated)

    If you look on the net you should be able to find a copy of it if your interested... If you can't find it, email me on and I'll put the evaluation up on my craptastic web site for you to download.....

    Here is a link to the technical documentation for ReachOut in case you wanna take a look....

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    this is another good remote admin.
    for download -
    but again u have to pay for it, ofcourse if u can't find the key otherwise.

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    "good remote admin tool" does anyone else see something wrong with this statement. It just seems intrinsicly wrong to me.

    Good in terms of cheap, then VNC is your program, iit is FREE, gotta love that, but it is really bandwidth dependant, but you can manage any kind of computer system; MacOS, Windows, Linux.

    I haven't used the others, 'cause I am cheap. But anything that allows you to remotely admin a computer, allows someone else to remotely admin a computer, bad bad news, generally.

    Oh for Windows machines, can't you use NetMeeting to remotely control a machine, me not being a Windows user, I forget these things.


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    Originally posted by bizzybutlazy
    of course i coud use a big search engine, and i gues syou are right i could use the newbie section, but im not a newbie...... lmao, i am just conferming alot of my knowledge...... long as i havent asked what is an IP! lmao
    I think you would benefit most by doing some reading up on TCP/IP, its associated applications, such as FTP, etc. You have been posting threads all over the boards that show a distinct lack of any knowledge of networking whatsoever. If your handle is indicative of your attitude, this is understandable.

    Your post on ftp.....

    Originally posted by bizzybutlazy
    I thought you could connect to a users computers.......

    Another post.....

    Originally posted by bizzybutlazy
    can someone please tell me what a packet is, because i had this packet sending progand i just typed in an ip...... or two and it sent like 105 packets theni canceld what do they do? and what is a router?

    I would recommend the following books if you are really interested in learning what networking is all about.....

    Networking Personal Computers with TCP/IP: Building TCP/IP Networks (O'Reilly Nutshell)
    by Craig Hunt, Mike Loukides (Editor)

    Available at

    Tcp/Ip Network Administration
    by Craig Hunt, Gigi Estabrook (Editor)

    Available at

    These books should provide you with the basic knowledge of networking with TCP/IP protocols.

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