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    hello everybody, how are you all doing? me, being the cheap bastard that i am, am looking for a good free ISP. i've tried juno and netzero but they both suck monkey balls. if any of you have a recomendation or experience with a free isp then please share. and yes, i know there are websites out there that rate them, but i don't trust those sites.


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    Free ISP's

    hello Havanger,

    The best FREE ISP I ever used was called FreeWeb... They didn't have any software to download, they didn't have any banner ads. You just made a Dial Up Connection and went to their site and created an account. They only allowed 60 hours a month, but you could just make multiple accounts (They even encouraged it! ). Unfortunetly, they were bought out by Juno (at least where I live).

    I would definitely check for a FREE ISP called FreeWeb in your area. If you have it, then you are lucky. It was the only FREE ISP that is really worth using (From my experience)

    Good Luck Finding One
    Simon Templer

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