G'day....Ive only been visiting this site for a couple of days and so far im impressed with the quality of information and the sites ethic.
Its a hard line to walk between providing information responisbly, so far you are doing that well,, and thankyou.

Me.. Ive been in the computer game and electronics engineering forever,, built my first micro in 1978 (22 years ago!!),, this 'box' had everything 1Mhz clock 1k ROM, and a whopping 1K Ram (8bit) expandable to 4kbytes.
I/O ??? how bout 20Ma current loop baudou (?) code to a Model 15 tyletype.
It was not for a couple more years before we got qwerty keyboards and Video displays, Hard Drives ???.. cassette interfaces AHHHH those where the days.
I also used to play with the internet in the early 90's from University,, FTP and Telnet, no IE or WEB pages. !!
Back to realality,, past 3 years been mainly working OpenVMS and commercial SCADA systems software development (SCADA = Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

I want to hack !! But I have NO interest in Hacking other peoples computers.
Im very interested in security, I want to learn enough to consult.
I want to know what hackers do (or would try to do) to my compuer or network,, and I want to skills to be able to both detect and IDENTIFY the intruder (in real time).

I have a million questions, but I will read your txt files first.
My computer system is a network of 5 PC's, a server running NT4SP6a and WinProxy.
and a mix of pc's running 95,98,nt4.
I have a ADSL high speed internet connection.

How secure im I. ???
Is my wifes icq (and half a doz other chat things) secure.??
How can I do a port scan on my internet port.??
How can I hack my server, (from the internet and intranet ??
Should I install LINUX on the server. Then what ??
What are all these processes running on my NT box. ??
(and many more)

Lastly. (and to see if anyone is still reading)

Cure Cancer. im sure all you guys out there have kick ass computer everywhere. put em to work,
(and join my team,, so I can track our progress)


Kind regrards to all, (execpt that horrid has bin)
(Australia, has just sent 150 special forces troop over bin ladins way, If i knew 150 SAS troops were in the country looking for me,, I would be VERY worried indeed.
Bye for now..