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Thread: Nice things about Windows

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    Smile Nice things about Windows

    This thread is dedicated to saying nice and pleasant things about any of Microsofts wonderful operating systems. Please feel free to mention anything at all you like about them, such as the tranquil blue-green default background, or the professional looking start button, or such like.

    Don't laugh, im being serious. Seriously write something good. I bet its all been a long time since you lot ever wrote something good about them. This will be good for you, im sure.

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    Ennis gasps for a while, jogs his memory, gets ready to be kind but wait nothing happens and he must spend a day or two thinking about nice things to say, wait Ive got one!

    Blue screen of death syndrome [helps get you back to reality after an internet binge of over 19 hours]

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    they make the best hackable servers

    hehe. really, if not for m$, i would not have my current job. and i would not have been a programmer for 5 years now. and i'm using windoze. i do like linux, but hey, this is "nice and pleasant things about any of Microsofts (deleted) operating systems".
    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes

    i am NOT a hacker :Þ

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    M$ keeps me employeed finding and fixing so many of there "features". (I do not work for M$).

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    Here goes nothing......


    It improves computing habits. It encourages you to save more often.....

    *falls on the floor*
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    my NT boxes hardly every crash !!.
    and winME only when you are saving, or doing anything.
    kewl site this one,

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    hey hey hey...

    If it were not for Windows...when I reformat the drive, partition and install Linux...I would not get that feel good feeling deep inside...and if it weren't for Windows "Gullible User Interface"...there would be a lot of people out of jobs...keep up the good job there Billy

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    1) My mom can use it to e-mail and web surf.
    2) Everybody loves to hate microsoft.
    3) Great for playing games.
    4) Tons of features built in that I never use.
    5) Only takes 1 CD to install the OS.
    6) Microsoft is good as keeping track of me in case I get lost.
    7) So many flavors of the OS, I can always find one to spend money on.
    8) Their product keys make sure I don't copy the CD for my friends.
    9) They offer digital music protection to keep my evil friends from stealing music from me, even if I give it to them.
    10) They offer a free brower that only takes about 2 days to download on my 56k modem.
    11) They support just about every device made for the PC, except the ones I use. That's my fault though.
    12) Open source to them is a really bad idea, why let someone fix your software when you can pay a programmer $200/hr to do the same thing in the twice the time.
    13) I get tons of free backgrounds from them.
    14) Each new OS they sell requires a faster and faster system. How else are we going to make Intel and AMD make faster chips?
    15) Plenty of ways to secure the OS, just none of them are included with the OS
    16) Ease of networking, I know that anyone can access my files when I enable networking. No need to worry about configurations.
    17) Their OS always beats out others on benchmarks, according to Microsoft anyway.
    18) If Bill Gates were president, the whole country would be rich. We would also be run by hackers, but that's a small price to pay to be rich right?!?!

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    Talking nice things about windows

    well I guess you learned what being bias means when you ask for a widely linux used society to say something nice about windows. Thats like asking someone who drives a chevy to say something nice about ford.
    Whats a \"START\" button?

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    Very funny list by the way... But.. let's face it.. M$ is our digital Satan, without him religion would not survive.. same is the sense that.. m$ is our scapegoat... Blame m$...

    Elen sila lumenn omentielvo..

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