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Thread: Nice things about Windows

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    hey, knightmb, where did you got that? did you just made that up? that was good! hehe
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    M$ windows. You just gotta love them. Always something to do on the weekends.They got about 5 days MTBMBSOD (Mean Time Before Multiple Blue Screens Of Death)
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    I'm making the move to Linux as quickly as I can, but I'm nowhere near guru status. With that said, here is my tribute to MS.

    Without MS would the PC be the success it is today? I think DOS and expecially Windows was a primary factor in the widespread use of computers in the home. Despite the problems, Windows is fairly easy to install and is stable enough for most purposes.

    Untill Linux, or another OS, is as easy to install and maintain as Windows, MS will continue to dominate. I don't think the Linux distributors are helping either. I installed RH7.1 and was shocked at all of the crap that gets installed by default. Windows makes it easier to remove apps I don't want.

    (The author of this post reveived no compinsation for Microsoft of Bill Gates.)

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    Re: Hehe..

    Originally posted by TeKRoMaNCeR
    Very funny list by the way... But.. let's face it.. M$ is our digital Satan, without him religion would not survive.. same is the sense that.. m$ is our scapegoat... Blame m$...

    HAHAHAHAHA very cool point rofl

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    If we did not have Microsoft Windows I would not get phone calls all times of the day and nights "my computer is down help"

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    lets accept a thing

    if it wasn't for Microsoft all we guys will be repairing calculators or TV nowdays . So 1 antipoint for microsoft

    Why everyone can use computers today ?????? Because is so easy with windows
    so 2 antipoint for microsoft

    Have you ever imagine your mother or father Seeing their emails in a black screen of Linux ????????
    so 3 antipoints for microsoft

    Hey JP Microsoft is going great with Antipoints

    Microsoft has some good antipoints

    It is windows OPEN SOURCE ??????
    yes it is. Here is the source
    If everything_ok = true

    You can download the entire source at

    so 3 NEGATIVE antipointS for MICROSOFT

    microsoft antipoint level is EVEN

    even that everyone knows that microsoft made computers world
    change every hour .

    this is my truly opinion

    If God had intended
    Man to program,
    we would be born
    with serial I/O ports.

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    off topic:
    . I installed RH7.1 and was shocked at all of the crap that gets installed by default.
    I know... Someone needs to clean it all up...

    Back on track:

    MacroHard... Positive things...

    I remember seing Windows95 for the very first time, thinking

    You gotta admit it. It did look good.
    Looks like crap next to my current X, but way back then... nice!

    But all that has sort'a expired.
    How good it looks is not that important to me anymore.

    If XP is as stable as they say it is I might give it a spin.

    Hurray to MacroHard for FINALLY choosing stability over looks (?).

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    I don't hate windows as much as some do, like many have said before, where would one be without the other. As long as they force cpu companies to make faster and faster chips, bring on the next OS (Windows E=MC2 maybe?) Requires a 2 GHz processor right? Well then Intel and AMD better get crackin' on the next 5 GHz processors

    Originally posted by jetherson

    hey, knightmb, where did you got that? did you just made that up? that was good! hehe

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    Heh. Well for all the jokes and such about MS, I will say there are some nice things about it. I do want to preface this with a comment that all OSes have a value and their place. It is a question of what you want to achieve. While I still have a preference for *nix and Macintosh environments (they do what they are told to do and do not assume what they think you want to do).

    The MS family does have some benefits:

    1) for those new to computers, it introduces them to it. When I first got into admin work, my first environment was NT. It was a place to start but as we added in Solaris, I was able to see true benefits of Unix over MS for a good server environment. It started me on the present path that I'm aiming for: Unix admin. Now, because I know both, I can better interoperate them and be able to support users on both sides of the fence.

    2) it keeps me employed. As long as MS creates OSes with flaws and OSes that will need someoen to support them properly, I will be employed. I was pleased to see a reversal on the MCSE NT status.

    3) MS is listening (finally). They have started to listen to some of the security and other issues. This is a good thing. While MS is still a bit slow in responding to things, they are responding.

    All in all I will still take *nix over MS and Novell over MS as server type machines and for working environment but not everything about MS is evil. Although I'm convinced that Bill Gates is evil.

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    Micro$hite OS's make everyone else's look a lot better.

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