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Thread: please help me out

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    please help me out

    I am looking for help in finding out who a person is. There is someone that I think is using AIM terrorizing me, my friends, and my gf. They insult me with really harsh and personal things that only someone who knows me, would know, however they refuse to tell me there name. All I really want to do, is find out this persons name, so if someone can please reply and help me out I would appreciate it sooo much. I appreciate any help I can get, they are getting too personal and I am getting too frustrated.

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    send me an IM.

    My AIM handle is:


    I may or may not be able to help, but it doesn't hurt to try.
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    never mind

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    The only way to find that out is to Hack AOL.
    But some ideas....

    If you some how can direct connect with that person you could get his ip by typing netstat in the ms-dos menu. There you will see a whole bunch of numbers or IP addresses they look like this
    254.335.1221.22. Once you have that IP you can get ahold of AOL and tell them that this person is harasing me.Give the the IP address and they will put a stop to it.

    Another thing that you can try is when you get a incoming IM there is a little box that you can check.This will report him to AOL plus it turns his warning level up and he won't be able to contact you for the rest of the time you are online.

    Also you can hit the button ignore user.

    You might be able to find out somthing through his/her profile but I doubt it because they have to voluntary have to fill out the form.

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    If all they are doing is insulting you, can't you use an 'ignore' feature or something? Could you be more specific as to your problem?
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