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Thread: hello one and all

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    hello one and all

    I am wondering...why do people feel the need to deface websites? Is it any better than graffiting up the side of a fast food place because you're a vegetarian and don't believe people should eat meat? If you feel that someone is wrong about something or another...isn't it more ethical to make your own page and deface that person and/or belief? My two cents...and you know who I am talking to...grow don't like what the admin is doing at school? Deal with it and get your "privacy" somewhere else...HE OWNZ YOU!

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    Some people deface websites because they're extremists who don't like the message of the site. But most of them do it because they don't have a real life. You're right, it IS about the same as graffitti on buildings. It's just the hacker (probably just a script kiddie) making a presence for him/herself. Just get yourself a good firewall, and most of them will probably just go away.

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    There are many reasons someone would deface a website

    political statement
    To get there handle recognized
    Mostly attention
    They can make others feel stupid
    Terroirism(don't take seriously)
    Bordem(which is not speeled right, I know)
    Advance security(Some only do it for that reason)

    There are some many reasons
    but tell me if you had the skills and knew how to do it like a pro
    would it cross your mind to do it.

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    you forgot the main reason because the hackers or should I say script kiddies have no life other than their computer and this way they can feel important
    No good deed goes unpunished.

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    I agree with the statement about the act being similar to graffiti. Some time ago one of my sites was defaced and the little goon even located me in mIRC and told me he did it. When I asked why he replied" For the hell of it". With that level of mentallity in mind I replied "well, how about I come shoot you in the face, for the hell of it". Its a shameless act of self-promotion to a blind audience. Peace.

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    They have nothing better to do.
    And like freeon said "To get there handle recognized"
    To show off to there friends.
    To prove your friends security isn't what they thought.
    To take out stupid sites like YIHAT.
    [gloworange]\"A hacker is someone who has a passion for technology, someone who is possessed by a desire to figure out how things work.\" [/gloworange]

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    Id say for fun. But is it really that bad does it really causes any major damages I mean most websites have backups and all that. Or maybe to irritate admin who knows everyone has its own reasons Oh yeah one other thing who the hell comes up with those huge numbers for damages? always wondered about that?

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    What I find crazy or irratating is when a hax0r kid deface's a site and leaves a message.

    "I have hacked this page to show you your site is hackable, get a patch here [link]."

    Ok, if you broke into a bank would you say you were justing their security, get a better lock at this store!

    It's just my opinion.

    Heres a tut on the subject.

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