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    Does anyone use the chat client "Super Chat" provided by Excite? If may have heard that Excite may be cashing in. Either by selling or they may begin charging to use the chat service in the near future and slowly I have seen the steady increase of pop-ups each time I go from room to room. I prefer mIRC over excite anyhow but thats not the point, I have had many a good time in Excite chat and I will miss it when they feed it to the wolves. Peace.

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    This reminds me of that thread where Kevin from double click advertising was complaining that no one was reading his "pop ups" since the release of Adware.

    He warned that unless we start to read his adverts, we would all have to start paying for email accounts, the use of search engines etc...Maybe Kev was right after all!

    Or maybe Excite are just trying to cash in on freaks rampantly masterbating in chat rooms!!!

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