Ok, I want all you geeks to put your hamster brains together and come up with an answer for the following.

It goes a little something like this.

I was messing about on Win2K-SP2, now when I log on I get the error message about the "pagefile.sys not existing or not enough memory"

So no worries, I go in and give 1.5 x RAM on my system which = about 480MB for initial size.

I then restart, but STILL get the same virtual memory error message. And the system is slow as ****.

So I delete pagefile and then create a new one. Set it all up and then reboot. but the bitch STILL gives the same message.

At the moment i'm using the TEMP pagefile which is aight, but not enough.

I tried using the repair facility in Win2k, but that did **** all.

Who's got the answer?