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    free host


    i would like to ask people what is the best free host in the internet in your opinion. and also, what are it's pros and cons. i'm looking for a free host that supports php and mysql. i cant find any that really have controlable mysql. reply please.
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    I'm not sure about a free host. But you can get a Basic plan at ZXtech for $3.95 a month

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    When you say "free hosting" I assume you mean "a place to put my personal web page." If this is the case, you should first check with whatever ISP you use. Some ISP's have a little space set aside for their customers to place home pages on. If not, you may be hard pressed to find a free service that doesn't mess up your pages by "inserting" their own little ads and such. (as yahoo/geocities etc. do) If, however, you mean for a home business with your own "dot com" domain name, you almost certainly will have to pay for the domain and the hosting. Hope this helps.

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    If you want a place to put up your homepage, try Angelfire. They give you 50 megs for free. I don't know if they support PHP or MYSQL though.

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    Like someone mentioned, checking with your isp first would be a good idea. Tripod is also a good free host although I'm not sure they support php and mySql (good combination by the way). Hope that helps.

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