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Thread: Just suggesting

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    Smile Just suggesting

    Just a comment here, don't take it serious

    i heard that someone said that Windows XP use extremely friendly interface, which it get ride of Dos and some other stuff for the stable usuage.

    but for my own opinion, i think it's not very considerable for computer, because i think the Dos is more powerful then window.

    p.s but i didn't said windows is bad though!!!

    another p.s. i comment it by hear from some other people.

    and i don't know what exactly is window xp works

    Please give a comment

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    Sep 2001
    If you mean the Disk Operating System is more powerful than the windows XP operating system then you are wrong, 640k memory limitations does not make for a powerful operating system.
    If you mean you cannot use a command line to interface with windows XP then you are also wrong - sorry! Type "cmd" in the run box to get a command line interface.

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    Oct 2001
    For the basic user, Windows XP is a dream come true. If you're an administrator, just shoot yourself now. I ran both beta 2 and RC1 versions for XP, and I frequently wanted to kill myself from the frustration of trying to find out where they moved various administrative resources.

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    Sep 2001
    I had the same experience when taking a look at my friends new computer... I wasn't unprepared though, I had honed my finding skills from when I installed 2K.... Since when is Windows Explorer an Accessory??!! Its crucial!!!! oh well, back to the

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    I heard WindowsXP got some pretty good reviews. If someone has it, post some stuff XP has compared to older versions of Windows.

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    Exclamation XP PRO

    The XP pro does have an extremly easy to use GUI interface. Actually I like it. It never got rid of dos they now call it the C:/prompt and you are allowed to use MS-dos as a default if you would like. I have no problem making shortcuts for both. Also I don't know if this is new for XP but it came with the FINGER option which in previous versions like 98 it wasn't there.

    Windows XP pro is great for the people who love windows I unfortunatly don't have the privledge of running Red Hat only because it's not comptible with my modem.

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