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    Question Persistent Problem

    I've previously posted asking for help with refresh rates running Red Hat 7.1. Obi was kind enough to reply and show me how to adjust the refresh rate in the XF86config file. I then adjusted the rate to 85Hz from 60Hz running at 640x480 and saved the changes. Now I have a refresh rate of 85Hz.

    Problem is that the screen still constantly "flickers" causing eye strain. Is there something else I can adjust to solve this problem?

    The horizontal frequency (30-49KHz) and vertical frequency (50-100Hz) are set as per the monitor manual.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I prefer the Red Hat OS to Windoze but it's not worth it if Im gonna get a severe case of eyestrain after an hour of use!

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    I've found that after getting close with the config, this is a good time to play around with xvidtune, it really allows you to tweak the little adjustments. Give it a try, it took mine from tolerable to good.

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    Thanks once again, obi...

    I was playing around with Xvidtune BEFORE I had adjusted the refresh rate and it was having little or no affect. Hopefully it will make a difference this time..

    Also, if you could suggest some appropriate settings for Xvidtune using a 15 inch monitor running at a lowly 640x480 I'd be very greatful...

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