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    Question About books

    Hi there:

    i would like to be find out the internet security hole, such as like some iis hole and stuff, and if i want to learn that skill, can any one help me what book should i learn first

    (lika what thing should i learn first inorder to figure out the internet holes, exp: should i learn tcp/ip first or anyother?)

    personal i know c++ and some html......

    please make a comment what should i learn first.........

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    One of the best I've found so far is Hacking Exposed

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    books to read... all of them you can find
    tutorials from blacksun

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    I would maybe brush-up on TCP/IP first then try to get a networking book. It helps you understand the concept of things better than to just start jumping in the hacking stuff!!

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    there is a tcp/ip test from microsoft you can take at, that should help you out, i would start with understanding tcp/ip, it runs the whole internet

    also, i would do what i like to call a "library raid", go to the biggest library you can, and grab every computer book that catches your eye, then read till your eyes bleed (hey, that rhymes)
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    The best way to learn about security holes is to learn to hack. I have a book called "A Comlpete Hacker's Handbook". It's pretty cool. I have scanned it, and it has some pretty cool things. Read it, and try some of it on one of your own PCs. I also have a book from the "for Dummies" series on firewalls. It gets into security holes as well.

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